Deliveries of electronic subassemblies, realized by our firm, are based on a deep analysis of assortment needs of our Clients as well as the organization of deliveries and facilities.

Thanks to the direct cooperation with the biggest world manufacturers as well as recognized distribution networks, we ensure:

  • deliveries of the whole spectrum of electronic components
  • deliveries of printed circuits (PCB)
  • deliveries of mechanical elements, wiring systems and peripheral accessories
  • safety of punctuality and repeatability of deliveries
  • minimization of price variations of components

In consideration of our many years’ cooperation with suppliers, we reached such a level of prices, which gives us a possibility to offer our Partners extremely attractive conditions of purchasing.

We deliver only new components certified within the quality and the packing.

Our firm is entered into referential lists of world producers.

We offer also within deliveries of components:

  • selection of components in order to optimize purchase costs and the production technology
  • full logistics of deliveries (just in time) according to Client’s production plans and the schedule of deliveries
  • keeping production store-houses for Clients with a reservation of hard to reach components for the future production
  • safety store-houses for each Client

We keep storage reserves for basic series of types of elements in order to ensure our Clients production continuity in case of sudden increasing a number of orders.

Please, contact with our Trade Office to become familiar with our detailed offer.

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