Some words of history

Our firm has been acting since 1983 year, when three friends – Krzysztof Lagutko, Jacek Belino-Studzinski and Andrzej Roman – decided to set up a firm to realize their own projects using their knowledge of electronics.

In the beginning we were engaged in construction and production of measuring apparatus, computer equipment as well as electronic medical equipment. Recently, the firm activity has focused on the service electronic assembly – and especially – the SMT automatic assembly for 12 years.

For some years, we have been specializing within a complex service of our partners starting from the cooperation at a project stage, through working out of prototypes, implementing a test run into production, up to complex deliveries of electronic components and printed circuits, assembling production runs in accordance with an agreed schedule, as well as an expedition of tested packets and final devices.

In recent years we have expanded our business with dedicated solutions for public institutions and territorial units adapting our capabilities to the latest EU directives and promoting, energy saving solutions. Our commitment and effectiveness has been greatly appreciated by our Customers, and through which we have gained a credible and reliable reputation as a business partner.

Exploiting our many years experience in electronic design, we took on the challenge to develop a sustainable, energy saving and environmentally friendly products creating the brand ESSE - Energy Saving Solution Enterprise.

Thanks to the utilization of the latest LED technology and original solutions creating innovative, functional products thus facilitating efficient energy control, with which we invite you all, to get acquainted with.

Aim of our activity

The aim of our activity is taking over from our partner all organizing duties related to the provision of components as well as the production arrangement and the assembly.
If the assembly is compliant with valid technologies, investments of thousand hundreds of USD for purchasing assembly devices and current covering of production expenses– the purchase of soldering pastes, fluxing agents, stencils, costs of specialist trainings of service of machines, payments of specialized personnel – are necessary.
A contract manufacturer uses own production power for a lot of clients, all day and night. Taking into account an assembled element, costs are considerably lower because they are related to a bigger quantity of assembled components than in case of applying a whole technological line for assembling one or two products. For that reason, we can offer you attractive low prices and be competitive to costs of your own assembly.

Thanks to the cooperation with our firm you may forget:

  • problems with the logistics of deliveries and the transport organization
  • lock-up of capital for purchasing of subassemblies
  • costs of maintaining a store-house of components, claims and annual stock-takings
  • technical problems connected with the preparation of production
  • investments connected with a fleet of machines and the organization of assembly stands
  • problems with the management of production

Deciding for the cooperation with our firm you profit:

  • Set of high quality components of the attractive price
  • High quality printed circuits in preferential conditions
  • Assembled electronic packets according to the schedule of deliveries
  • Savings by way of reduction of costs
  • Merchant credit for the realization of payments for service

of cooperation

We offer the cooperation in three basic spheres to our Clients:

  1. service assembly with using Client’s components
  2. deliveries of electronic subassemblies for the production and the assembly
  3. complex service starting from the project up to the serial assembly

We offer a whole spectrum of our services in preferential prices with a possibility of permanent cooperation according to Client’s production schedules to firms, which are interested in the complex service.

We are opened to different cooperation forms and individually approach to needs and non-standard orders of our Clients.


Our Clients are producers of electronics well-known on the market of modern technologies in Poland as well as Europe and the United States. Therefore, we must be up high requirements regarding our services.

The guaranteed high quality of our services is confirmed by quality certificates and awards.


We own one of the most up-to-date fleet of machines in Poland full-filling quality requirements of the lead-free technology and strict standards of the assembly in the third class of technological purity for special productions.

You can get detailed information in “Fleet of machines” section.

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